Object Solutions

A Perfect Slumber

A set of tools that maximize a sleeper’s potential for rest.

Morning Panic Pajamas - Object Solutions - Thumb

Morning Panic Pajamas

A wearable wake-up alarm that gradually delivers an electric shock to the body.

Runaway Blanket - Object Solutions - Thumb

Runaway Blanket

A substitute for the blanket tug-of-war when a bedfellow is absent.

Sleep Achievement Medal - Object Solutions - Thumb

Sleep Achievement Medal

A wearable device that makes your sleep metrics social.

Premise: A Perfect Slumber

The modern sleeper will not shut an eye without careful arrangement of her assistive devices: those that induce a peaceful state, track her sleep achievement numbers, and wake her up without fail. She knows the variables that threaten her restfulness cannot be managed alone. In this series, Object Solutions offers an expanded library of devices to bring the act of sleep to its greatest potential.

Welcome to Portland, Solved

A set of tools for residents of Portland, Maine. Commissioned for citydrift/Portland, 2014.

Seagull Substitute – Object Solutions

Seagull Substitute

An ear implant that replaces seagull squawks with an ongoing media experience.

Historic Engraver – Object Solutions – Thumb

Historic Engraver

An etching device that marks city structures with a historic year of choice.

Premise: Welcome to Portland, Solved

For citydrift/Portland, Object Solutions created an outdoor advertising campaign on main commercial streets in Portland, Maine. Our laboratorians addressed two of Portland’s problems: the ceaseless squawks of seagulls near the shore, and the faux vintage aesthetic of new structures in the city. Read the full story and see photos of the campaign.

Contaminants Outside the Home

A set of tools that prepare the individual for encounters with foreign matter outside the home.

Magnifying Spoon - Object Solutions - Thumb

Magnifying Spoon

A tool for food inspection as well as consumption.

Full-Body Moist Towel - Object Solutions - Thumb

Full-Body Moist Towel

A personal, portable hygiene blanket.

Premise: Contaminants Outside the Home

The individual is a keen observer of potential infiltrations into the stronghold of the self. Within the home, the individual has full control: every surface touched, every nutrient consumed, every stray element encountered is subject to security measures. But outside the home, contaminants lie outside the individual’s control. In this series, Object Solutions arrive as trusted protectors to ensure sterility in the external world.