What are
Object Solutions?

Object Solutions are
specialized inventions
for everyday life.


An Object Solution stems from an extrapolation of daily inconveniences. It finds a gap within our everyday obstacles where a mediating technology can be embraced. It invites us to recognize or adopt the problem it discovers in our own lives, so as then to complement the problem with its designated Object Solution.


An Object Solution uses a hyper-specialized approach to address the problem at hand: each new problem entails a new Object Solution. It encourages us to match our set of everyday concerns with an equally sized set of external problem-solving tools. It proposes an immediate and tangible new relationship to the external world, via itself, rather than leave us to adapt to our ever-changing circumstances on our own.


An Object Solution narrows the definition of our everyday needs in order to enable its existence. It locks in on the present moment. It assumes the rest of our lives to be solved, aside from the problem at hand. As we await an Object Solution to fill this final gap between reality and ideal, future Object Solutions await the appearance of the inevitable gap that will follow.

Object Solutions
is comprised of three main members.

Ernesto D. Morales – Headshot – Object Solutions

Ernesto D. Morales

Ernesto D. Morales founded Object Solutions and manages its inner workings. Through his objects, illustrations, writing and photographs, he embraces chance relationships and combinations of disparate ideas. He won't find a shard of glass in his soup without proposing an inventive solution. He also runs Studio Malagón, an independent design and branding office.

Studio Malagón
Chris Maggio – Headshot – Object Solutions

Chris Maggio

Chris is a photographer and filmmaker living in New York City with 8.3 million of his closest friends. He'd really like to take your picture.

John Wilson – Headshot – Object Solutions

John Wilson

John Wilson is a private eye who spends most of his time filming impractical online tutorials. Through his films, photographs and inventions, he attempts to explore the poetic qualities of daily struggles.