Historic Engraver

An etching device that marks city structures with a historic year of choice.

Historic Engraver – Object Solutions – Thumb

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Problem Solved

Vintage-inspired architecture is often questioned for its authenticity, for whether the imitation fits in with the era it evokes. Whether you’re an architect, a contractor, a property owner, or a tinkering citizen, you can now put those questions to rest with the Historic Engraver. It imprints the bold mark of any calendar year onto the surface of the structure in question. Period details and false patinas may help trigger that tinge of nostalgia, but a simple press from the Engraver seals the feeling in place.

How It Works

Find or create a new vintage-inspired structure in your city. Locate a highly visible face and give the surface a wipe with any modern-day solvent. Then, travel back in time with a turning of the gears on the Engraver, until you’ve landed on your calendar year of choice. Carefully press the Engraver onto your surface, hold for the etching, and release. Connect a myriad of new structures to the rich history of your city.

Historic Engraver – Object Solutions

Use on Buildings

Historic Engraver – Buildings – Object Solutions

Use on Sidewalks

Historic Engraver – Sidewalk – Object Solutions

Use on Furniture

Historic Engraver – Furniture – Object Solutions

Created for Citydrift/Portland

The Historic Engraver was advertised on the streets of Portland, Maine, as a project for citydrift/Portland. Our laboratorians also addressed another Portland problem: the ceaseless squawks of seagulls near the shore. Read the full story and see photos of the campaign.

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