• Full-Body Moist Towel

A personal, portable hygiene blanket.

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Walk into a thoughtful restaurant, order the messiest meal on the menu, and rest assured that you’ll be greeted by a “moist towelette” at the end of your experience. From the comfort of your current chair, you can escape the affliction of all those oils and greases with a couple of quick wipes. But the moist towelette's inadequate size fails to address the extent of our daily, dirty world. It presumes that only our hands—a fraction of our total bodies—need rapid-fire cleaning action.

With the Full-Body Moist Towel, a simple shift in scale attempts to address this problem. At eighteen times the size of its predecessor, the Full-Body Moist Towel delivers greater absorption and broader reach. Simply rip open the packaging, unfold the product with abandon, and blanket yourself in cleaning agents. Why wait for a formal shower? Life offers an onslaught of filth at every turn, and the Full-Body Moist Towel offers a refreshing alternative.

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