• Lint Investment System

A clothing generator that capitalizes on your accumulated dryer lint.

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We’ve all experienced that laundry-day cringe when we empty the so-called lint screen from our drying machine, and we recognize the palpable loss of wardrobe that has come to pass.

Load after load, we feed our favorite clothing items into the machine, whose instruction manual bears no mention of our routine sacrifice. The culmination is a ball of monochrome fuzz that hardly captures the spirit of our once-beloved, once-intact articles of clothing.

Thanks to the Lint Investment System, you can start to wipe that cringe off your face.

The user-friendly expansion pack latches onto your existing dryer. It compresses your accumulated lint, and weaves it back into one of your bygone clothing items.

A couple of loads can generate a single sock, allowing you to break even on your sock supply. But with several months of laundry loads, you can produce an entire T-shirt. With an eye on the progress meter, you have the choice as to how to budget your stockpile. Simply press the print button, and watch your new apparel deposit itself onto your spotless floor.

A simple laundry cycle becomes an investment into the future of fashion.

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