• Magnifying Spoon

A tool for food inspection as well as consumption.

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Eating a meal outside the home can often be a trade-off: we enjoy the convenience factor of outsourcing our meal preparation, but we can never be certain what goes on behind closed kitchen doors. The dish we ordered can easily be the landing pad for nearby pieces of hair, shards of glass, or sprinklings of dust. Whether or not the foreign objects appeared there by mistake, we can never trust the outside world more than we can trust ourselves.

To ensure your safety, take matters into your own hands with the Magnifying Spoon. Use its powerful lens to survey the landscape of your meal, inspecting every morsel prior to consumption. On approval of a certain area, use the very same implement to scoop up a healthy mouthful. Now peer differently at the world around you: you may be the victim of needless contamination, but you’ll be damned if you’re ever caught eating it.

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