• Morning Panic Pajamas

A wearable wake-up alarm that gradually delivers an electric shock to the body.

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In the harsh light of morning, our relationship with the alarm clock is silenced using one of several basic “snooze” actions—some as simple as the pressing of a button. These actions are a pleasure in themselves, for they affirm our power over technology, even while we’re half asleep.

But the snooze is such an easy decision that we’re at risk of overriding our own goals for the day, missing crucial meetings, and suggesting ourselves to be failures to those who place trust in us.

With the Morning Panic Pajamas, no longer will this be the case. The pajamas, at first, serve as a basic alarm clock. They blare their horns at the requested hour. The individual, half asleep, takes pleasure in pressing the snooze button, hushing the horns.

As soon as a peace has settled, the pajamas start up again, this time enveloping the individual from neck to toe with a low-level electric shock. The shock intensifies gradually—and then, not so gradually. The snooze, at this point, activates nothing.

Past a certain threshold, the individual surrenders in humiliation—by leaping out of bed and removing the pajamas in their entirety, with no choice now but to embrace the stark beauty of a new day.

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