• NeurAlign

From the series 'Love, Optimized'

Here you are, feeding your life story to yet another new contact across the dinner table. You hope this selection will be the one to flourish. True love is a tall order, and browsing online profiles feels like comparing expiration dates. At the slow pace of human experience, how can you know if your time together is worthwhile?

↑ Love distilled to its neural essence.

The diligent NeurAlign orchestrates your romantic success while the two of you sleep soundly at the first date dinner table. With your brains comfortably entangled in its electrode network, the NeurAlign sends evocative nerve impulses between you to determine your romantic potential. The experience calibrates your nervous systems to amplify your points of greatest harmony at a fraction of the standard time.

Before your meal begins, open the silver platter and apply the NeurAlign’s sensors at the prescribed locations. Let yourselves drift off. The central module extracts and compares your neural maps, unburdened by your subjective pretenses. Based on the data, the NeurAlign probes your nervous systems with a definitive compatibility test.

If the NeurAlign detects a deal breaker, it skims over the doomed relationship entirely. It drops you both a care package of fabricated yet tasteful memories and sends you on your way. When you wake, you shake hands and proceed fluidly into friendship.

If the merger is approved, the NeurAlign writes a compelling neural narrative of your falling in love. It triggers irresistible chemical releases, forges inextricable connections, and simulates indisputable memories that will follow you for a lifetime together. When you wake, your first date can commence as though it were your thirtieth. It’s an algorithmic – and rhythmic, too – manipulation of romantic reality.

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