• Rotisserie Patio Table

A rotating outdoor table for balanced sun distribution.

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Sitting at a patio table with a friend can be pleasant enough—that is, until you realize that your friend has selected the seat with more optimal protection from the sun. Suddenly a moment of would-be beauty becomes a moment of private agony. Your concentration is divided between what to say next and the sun. Not even your friend’s topic of choice can save you now. The conversation has become intolerable.

Lucky for you, the Rotisserie Patio Table creates the necessary balance. The table and its set of chairs rotate slowly on a central axis, leaving no person baking for any longer than the other. The result is an experience of egalitarian sun distribution, allowing each participant to reap the benefits of moderation. Suffering and resentment are replaced by a steady flow of conversation. After a while, you and said friend may even fail to realize that you are moving at all. And yet at the end of the experience, the evenness of your tans will showcase the unmistakable fact of the Rotisserie Patio Table.

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