• Sleep Achievement Medal

A commemorative device that makes your sleep metrics social.

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As we stumble about our waking lives, the amount of hours we slept last night is often a secret—a number burning inside us as the day begins, but buried over time by the throes of routine. The external world expects us to meet their standards regardless of the number we reached, as if last night were completely irrelevant to today’s performance. But if only they had access to this private nugget of information, they might understand where we’re coming from.

Say hello to the Sleep Achievement Medal, a device that puts this useful news at the forefront of your interactions. Without a word spoken, even the most unassuming stranger will understand what to expect of you.

Unlike with a traditional medal, being Number One will inspire concern in those around you. Important tasks or alcoholic drinks may be handed to someone else. After a series of human errors on your part, the message on your Medal can help frame your apologetic fumbles, maybe even inspire sympathy or intervention. In fact, the built-in bedtime alarm can help your sleep-deprived self get back on track, holding you publicly accountable for last night’s irresponsibility.

After a full night’s rest, your undeniable success can be worn proudly. Your good news will bring out the confidence in you, like a smile freshly whitened by toothpaste. It can be the reason you’re selected for a job that day, for a date that day, or for something even better. Once your colleagues follow suit, you’ll find solidarity in each other’s success. You might even one-up each other day after day, until you’re safely in the teens together.

Across your informative surroundings, the Sleep Achievement Medal provides yet another clue to help you understand your place within today’s productive world—literally today’s.

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