• TouchTrainer

From the series 'Love, Optimized'

The overhead lights are on auto-dim, and your partner is making advances. You hope their wayward hands can more accurately please you. At the same time, how can you know if your own hands are delivering more than approximate indulgence? As lovers flail to satisfy one another, a third party becomes urgently necessary.

↑ Take your bedroom activity from erroneous to erogenous.

The TouchTrainer is a navigation system for your hands across the terrain of your lover’s body, where the journey is just as critical as the destination. The built-in Corporal Positioning System (CPS) provides reliable directions, routing hands to locations pre-requested by each lover. Both participants now know precisely where their partners prefer to be touched—and how.

Thanks to proprietary Skinserts, the displays are seamlessly incorporated on the back of the hand and each crucial finger. The TouchTrainer guides all participating hands as if they were delivery vehicles with scheduled stops across the body. It indicates traffic signals, suggested speeds and upcoming turns.

Each week, you consult privately with the system to set your current preferences. Tap on your body map to request your TouchPoints for the week. Revive your favorites or explore new personal territory with ease. The system allows five-star ratings, interpersonal suggestions, and 1200% zoom. At each TouchPoint, select a TouchAction to be performed at that location, or simply select “Algorithm’s Choice.”

Now trust the TouchTrainer for the rest: Each user pairing receives comprehensive navigation instructions for mutual satisfaction. At the start of your session, your only task is to decide on which of the three suggested routes your fellow user will follow.

At long last you can lose yourselves in the experience. After all, your next move will be indicated clearly, and any wrong turn will be re-routed. The path to pleasure has never been so direct.

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